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Matt Burnham,
a trusted community leader for El Cerrito City Council.

Hi Folks,
I'm running for city council because I want to support our community. I am a firm believer in the power of community, and El Cerrito is a great one. We are faced with a tough road ahead as the battle against the pandemic continues. Our city budget will require tough choices to ensure a prosperous future. I have been managing school budgets with constraints for 15 years and know what it takes to allocate resources effectively. As a school principal much of my work is centered around building coalitions, listening to all stakeholders, and collaborating with a diverse community. I look forward to working with El Cerrito residents and city leaders to make changes that support all members of our community. As a non-establishment candidate I will bring a fresh perspective and voice to our city 
council. I hope to get your vote and work with you to support our community.




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