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A thriving community is one that supports the enrichment and development of its youth and seniors. El Cerrito has an excellent Recreation team and offers an assortment of opportunities. Let's work together to encourage participation in these programs, as well as create new spaces and places to meet the needs of all El Cerrito families.

Public Safety strengthens community. We need to maintain our high quality progressive Policing practices. Fire services are as important and critical as ever. Our city needs to know that we are prepared for potential natural disasters. We need to strengthen our emergency preparedness to support our community.


Let's work to create and maintain a budget that works for all of of us. El Cerrito needs to be open and transparent about our processes and work with department directors and city management to minimize impacts to our city services. 


 El Cerrito needs to be smart about encouraging small business. We need to listen to our business owners and learn what they need in order to thrive in our current environment. Our small businesses are key players in building a local community; small businesses are where we shop, gather, eat and connect with one another. 

Working together to support our community.

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