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"Folks, there are two candidates I am helping with campaigns this year.

One will help shape the course of our country, the other will help influence the course of our little city of El Cerrito.

The latter candidate is Mr. Matthew Burnham, who is running for City Council of El Cerrito. I have know Mr. Burnham in his capacity as the principal of Korematsu Middle School. His kind approach to families and his vision for innovating his school community have always impressed our family. I am looking forward to his leadership for our city. Citizens of El Cerrito, please look at his campaign page and get to know him. Thank you."

Sri Lekha

Korematsu Parent

Executive Director, ASE Innovate

"I strongly support the candidacy of Matt Burnham for the El Cerrito City Council. I've called El Cerrito home for 11 years and have known Matt almost as long. In that time, I've come to know Matt well as a fellow educator and school administrator, coach, and friend. His devotion to this city through his work and volunteering demonstrates he understands what community means. We have coached teams together in El Cerrito Youth Baseball since 2011. You can learn a lot from sharing a dugout with someone for that long. I can attest that Matt stays cool and calm under pressure, always does right by kids, and listens to others with an open mind. Matt is kind, honest, organized and accountable for his actions, a good role model, and a leader.   I'm excited for my hometown and honored to vote Burnham for City Council!"


Ross Parker

El Cerrito Resident

ECYB Coach and Board member

Teacher and Athletic Director

"I’ve watched Matt transform our local middle school from a school parents ahead of us actively transferred their kids away from to an exceptional school my peers and our family enthusiastically sent our kids to. He has built a thriving supportive learning environment for the incredibly diverse kids and families it serves. Our schools bring our community together and put Matt in a unique position — he’s especially in-tune with our voices —emerging adults (the students), our next generation of teachers, our wise tenured faculty and our families. I support Matt because he will make informed decisions that support our thriving, diverse community."


Sarah Diego

Korematsu Parent

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"I am voting for Matt because he is experienced working in a tightly constrained budget environment AND he knows how to bring together diverse groups of people."


Ira​ Sharenow

Community Member

"Matthew and I taught at Richmond High School for six years together. I watched him create relationships with staff and students, have high expectations for all, and inspire love of learning. He will bring these same qualities to the El Cerrito City Council."


Amy Frey

Hayward Unified

Secondary Administrator

As a lifetime El Cerritian and an active parent of 3 in our school district, I was thrilled to hear Matt Burnham was running for City Council! Matt is smart, trustworthy and pragmatic. I have no doubt he will have the best interest of this city at heart. He isn’t just a principal, he is also a coach, parent and community leader. He cares deeply for this city and its people, and is the perfect person to shape our future!

Rula Craner

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